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Best Clarinet Cases Reviewed In 2024

Are you a beginner clarinet player and adore your starter instrument?

Or have you been playing for a couple of years and are finally witnessing your professional doors beaming at you?

Whichever the case, investing in a good clarinet case will ensure your gorgeous instrument is safe all the time.

You see, having that clarinet well kept in a protector will not only keep dust away from it but also make it easy for you to transport.

This could be for your lessons or even various performances, without having to worry about the effects of everyday minor accidents.

But for most individuals, the major question always remains, “which are the best clarinet cases?”

We answer that and much more in today’s article.

Read on!

Best Premium Clarinet Cases

1. Protec PB307CA Clarinet Carry-All PRO PAC Case

The protect PB307CA case is carefully designed with an impact-resistant mold, complete with a soft lining.

This ensures that your instrument is well protected from any kind of damage as you go about your business.

This case can perfectly fit most Bb clarinets.

It also comes with a hidden sheet music compartment and extra two interior compartments.

So you can be sure to have all you need for your performances and practice sessions under one roof.

Its frame is made out of wood and then covered with weather-resistant ballistic nylon to guarantee users’ durability and reliability.

The clarinet case also comes with comfortable padded handle wraps and a larger exterior pocket, complete with an organizer to hold smaller accessories.

Plus, the package also includes an adjustable shoulder strap, and luggage ID tag, among others.

You will also love the long-lasting zippers with lock rings.

  • Tough wood shell
  • Weather and Crack-resistant
  • Several interior and exterior compartment pockets
  • Sturdy zipper with a locking ring option
  • Value for money
  • The front pocket doesn’t unzip all the way down
  • Not suitable for oversized mouthpieces, bell, or barrel.

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2. Gator GL-CLARINET-A Clarinet Case

If you’re working on a tight budget but would like to purchase a decent quality and reliable clarinet case, then you can never go wrong with the Gator GL-CLARINET-A Clarinet Case.

Weighing only 2.2 pounds, this case is much softer than other protectors within its range, therefore making it easy to carry around even on a tiresome day.

Its exterior is made out of nylon, which is not only lightweight but also decent and weather-resistant to offer your instrument the much-needed protection.

The handles of this clarinet protector use the standard interlocking mechanism, and they are made out of rubber to give you a comfortable grip.

They are also non-slip.

And if a professional look is the most appealing to you, then you will love the beautifully textured simple exterior pattern of this carrying case.

When it comes to the interior lining, this case is thoughtfully made out of EPS foam, complete with a plush cover for a comfortable resting environment for your instrument.

  • Comes with separate mouthpieces holders
  • Best for student clarinets
  • Affordable pricing
  • Two sizeable accessory pockets
  • Doesn’t have a locking mechanism

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3. Protec Micro-Sized ABS Protection Silver Clarinet Case BM307SX

Sometimes something small and durable is classy.

So if yours is a Bb clarinet and wouldn’t mind going for a smaller case, the Protec Micro-Sized BM307SX makes a perfect choice.

The silver-colored case is small enough to fit into a larger backpack.

This means you can take it wherever you want, be it on that much-awaited weekend getaway.

But don’t let its small size fool you.

It actually contains plenty of room on the inside to accommodate a Bb clarinet parts and other accessories comfortably.

This protector’s interior is made out of molded foam, and although it isn’t the typical hard foam, it provides sufficient protection for your instrument’s various parts.

It’s also impact and scratch-resistant.

The only downside is that it can’t hold up much weight, so you should avoid placing other luggage on top of it.

Also, the rubber handles might feel a little bit tight for big hands. But the good thing is that it comes with a shoulder strap, you can opt to use that instead.

  • Comes with shoulder straps
  • Non-slip
  • An attractive, rugged exterior
  • Micro-sized
  • The rubber handles can be too tight
  • Not sturdy enough to withstand other exterior weights.

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4. Pro Tec MX307MT Bb Clarinet MAX Case

Like the Gator GL-CLARINET-A, this Pro Tec MX307MT case is soft.

And that’s not all.

The clarinet protector was designed with the Bb clarinet in mind, thus making it an ideal pick for beginner players.

When you receive this package, you will notice that this protector looks much more like a standard laptop bag, but a careful look will reveal how much more durable it is.

The case weighs only 2 pounds.

It might be light in weight, but its EPS foam frame ensures your instrument enjoys the comfort and protection it deserves.

I also find its rugged nylon exterior attractive. Plus, it’s decently weather-proofed

You will, however, notice that it doesn’t apply the lockable latches mechanism, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Why?

This clarinet case’s molded zippers give it a secure hold, so you can comfortably carry it around using its padded handles, without a worry in the world.

  • Padded handles for comfort
  • Accommodates two shoulder straps for a backpack look
  • Decently durable and reliable
  • Shock-resistance
  • Non-abrasive lining
  • Won’t offer you an impressive waterproofing service.

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5. Crossrock CRA860CLBK Clarinet Case

Your clarinet deserves a good case to ensure it serves you well for a long time.

The Crossrock CRA860CLBK Clarinet Case promises you that and much more.

The case proudly displays a sturdy molded exterior, which is also scratch-resistant, so you can rest easy knowing your instrument is under the best care.

This instrument protector is beautifully designed for the most common clarinets, which makes it suitable for all cross-line instruments, especially the beginner clarinets.

The case’s interior is made out of high-density hard foam, complete with a blue plush lining.

And that is not all. The protector comes with 7 compartments for storing all your instruments’ accessories.

It also comes with a padded single strap shoulder strap and a firm but molded handle.

  • 7 compartments
  • Soft-strong handle
  • High-density foam interiors
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Might be too short for some wood clarinet lower joints
  • Few reports on missing extra straps

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Best Cheap Clarinet Cases In 2021

1. Paititi Lightweight Bb Clarinet Case

At only 2 pounds, this Paititi Bb Clarinet Case is not only lightweight but also suitable for standard clarinets.

Its price is also favorable even for on-budget players, and it comes with a shoulder strap to ensure you move around with ease.

The clarinet protector also features waterproof exterior, and its interior is beautifully finished with soft velvet linen.

And to allow you to carry all the necessary accessories, the case comes with a roomy exterior pocket.

Plus, it’s strong, durable, and you can carry it as a backpack.

  • Genuine leather handles
  • Elegant appearance
  • Contains backpack straps for easy carrying
  • Comes in various colors
  • Large exterior pocket
  • Few reports on a little loose cutout

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2. Sky Lightweight CLHC003 ABS Sturdy Clarinet Case

The Sky CLHC003 is one of the best cheap and light-weighted case you would ever come across.

It makes a perfect fit for the B-flat clarinet and can barely fit other types of instruments.

You will also love the durable Dulexe ABS exterior of this instrument protector.

This not only guarantees users reliability but safely tucks in your instrument away from external factors such as dust and water.

Its handle is through-bolted, making it strong and comfortable to hold even as you walk for long distances.

You also get to choose between the black and blue cases to suit your style.

  • Tiny and tough
  • Light-weighted
  • Latches open easily
  • Offers a snug fit for all pieces
  • You will have to lay the case flat for the latches to open
  • Not very roomy

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3. Tosnail 600D Water-resistant Foam Clarinet Case

When you’re on a budget, the Tosnail 600D clarinet case can be a good choice for you.

This instrument protector might be simple at first glance to be easily mistaken for a simple laptop bag, but that’s far from the truth.

Its interiors are made out of high-density foam to ensure a comfortable hold for your clarinet.

There’s also a nylon dura guard cover complete with a zipper for maximum protection.

On its exterior, the Tosnail 600D case is made of Oxford cloth, which is not only durable but also water-resistant.

Plus, it comes with an extra compartment for accessory storage.

  • High-density foam padding
  • Shoulder straps
  • 4 bottom protect pieces
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Could do better with more storage space
  • Not hard-sided

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4. 600D Bb Clarinet Case, YueYueZou Clarinet

Like the Tosnail 600D, this 600D Bb Clarinet Case, YueYueZou Clarinet is also made of oxford cloth, to ensure its durability and reliability.

It’s also water-resistant and cheap even for on-budget players.

This clarinet protector comes with two separate compartments for storage.

One is for your instrument, and the other is for your other accessories.

You will also love the groove design of this bag, which helps to keep your instrument’s parts in order.

There is also a shoulder strap that comes with it and 4 pieces bottom plastic box to protect it from floor damages.

  • High-density foam padding
  • Durable and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant
  • Groove design
  • Not enough internal space for accessories
  • Only best for student instruments

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5. ammoon 600D Clarinet Case Gig Bag Backpack

Cheap but classy is the best way you can describe this clarinet case.

The case is made of 600D to guarantee durability and is water-resistant to ensure your instrument is safe even when it rains.

Most users praise it for its soft cotton foam padding design, which protects the clarinet from bumps whenever out there.

And like the 600D YueYueZou Clarinet, this instrument protector also comes in a groove design, to ensure all parts are kept in good order.

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It, however, has only one exterior pocket where you can store accessories, something which doesn’t sit well with most users.

  • Cheap
  • Decent quality
  • Groove design
  • Lightweight
  • Only one exterior pocket
  • Only great for beginner instruments

No products found.

Types of Clarinet Cases

There are various types of Clarinet cases in the market, and they include:

Hard-Shell Cases

As their name suggests, these are harder and stronger instrument protectors, which are most suitable for professional clarinet players.

They offer enhanced protection to your instrument and are usually heavy and long-lasting.

And because of that, they are mostly expensive.

Soft Cases

These types of cases are usually lighter than the hard-shell cases, making them easy to carry on your back or hand.

They are also quite cheaper, although some high-quality ones can be priced as high as the hard-shell cases.

And because of their weight, the soft cases are ideal for young clarinet players

Plus, they don’t offer much protection to your instrument, but they can provide you with a decent service.

Double Clarinet Cases

They have two separate instrument compartments, so one can carry both clarinets at ago.

Professional players mainly use these types of clarinet cases.

But if you’re sure about your child’s musical journey and are almost sure that they will be playing right through junior high to college, then it’s advisable to get them a double clarinet case.


Because, this way, they can easily carry both their practice and performing clarinets.

They are generally expensive.

Single Clarinet Cases

They are most famous among students/beginners and can only accommodate one instrument at a time.

And because of this, they are usually cheaper than double cases.

How To Choose The Best Clarinet Case For You

The Case Type

The first thing that should cross your mind whenever planning to purchase a clarinet case, be it for yourself or your kid, is the type of case you need.

Should it be soft or hard-shell?

If you’re a parent, it isn’t surprising if you would want to purchase a softer instrument protector for your child. After all, they’re usually light and affordable.

But before you make such a decision, you should consider a few things.  First, the softer the bag is, the less protection it can offer to the clarinet.

And that’s not all. Soft cases tend to deteriorate more quickly as opposed to hard cases.

While this might not pop-up as an issue, in the beginning, it will definitely catch up with you later on, when you have to dig deeper into your pocket to purchase another one within a few months or so.

Therefore, if money isn’t a problem, it’s advisable to purchase a hard-shell case right from the beginning.

But, if you aren’t sure about how long your child will be taking the clarinet lessons, and if they will love them in the first place, then it’s better to purchase a soft one and upgrade when sure.

Also, if you’re using a rented instrument, your priority is to take good care of it to avoid damages. And in this case, a hard case will come in handy.


I widely talked about brands in my previous article on best student clarinets. But I will repeat it here as well.

While brands aren’t that important when it comes to the clarinet cases, they matter a lot when it comes to various musical instruments.

And this is the reason as to why some players prefer purchasing specific branded instruments and accessories.

So, if you happen to rank in this category, then you might also want to consider purchasing a case that goes hand in hand with the brand of your instrument.

Remember, some instruments won’t just fit into any random protector.

Also, there’s an advantage of buying your case from a reputable brand, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start.

But if you’re sure that the type of protector you’re going to pick is high-quality, then you can go ahead and pay for it, even if the brand is little known.

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter, while it can also be a great deal. So weigh your options and settle with your gut feeling.

A Single or a Double

I won’t go into much details about this because I have already addressed the single and double cases in the above section.

Nonetheless, the decision as to whether to choose a single or double protector largely depends on your current and future needs.

Current, like if you’re a beginner student, then a single case will be enough for your clarinet. But if you’re a professional, then a double bag will do the trick since you would want to carry a spare instrument all the time.

Also, if you’re but sure about your future in music and don’t know how long you will enjoy playing the clarinet, it’s advisable to purchase a single case and then advance to a double when you’re sure about what you want.

Another thing to consider when deciding between a single and double bag is your budget. Remember, most single cases are cheaper as opposed to doubles. So, that too should reflect on your choice.


Clarinets don’t come cheap, so it’s only right if you select a case that will ensure you of their security, especially if you like carrying it with you in public places.

In this case, a protector with a built-in-lock will come in handy.

Also, remember to examine the latches and ensure they are sturdy enough to withstand accidental drops.

In this case, metal latches are the best option.


The case you purchase should at least have extra room for accessory storage. This will help you carry your music sheets, cleaning cloths, among other accessories wherever you go for convenience purposes.

Remember, if your case doesn’t come with sufficient room, you should consider purchasing a zippered sheath, which might not have been factored in your budget.


Here I am referring to the padding in the interior parts of your clarinet protector. It should be comfortable enough and adequately secure your instrument in place.

And if the case comes with extra padding to cushion your instrument from severe external forces, the better.

FAQs About The Best Clarinet Cases

How Much Does A Clarinet Case Cost?

There’s no constant pricing for the various clarinet cases. Most of them are priced depending on the number of features they present.

For example, softer cases are cheaper than hard-shell cases. And the same case applies to single and double clarinet cases.

But generally, we are looking at from around $15(cheapest) to over $100 (premium)

Do I Really Need To Buy A Clarinet Case?

As a clarinet player, it’s crucial to invest in some useful tools that can complement your instrument. And one of such happens to be the carrying case.

The case is an essential part of your instrument as it keeps it safe and away from harmful environmental factors such as dust and water.

So, even if you mostly play your clarinet at home, it’s essential to purchase a case for it, that’s if it wasn’t included in the package.


If you want your clarinet to serve you for long, then you must be willing to go to whichever lengths to maintain it.

And one such way is through getting it a carrying case.  The case will not only safeguard it from external forces but also protect it against theft and day to day accidents.

That’s why it’s essential to choose your case carefully by considering the factors mentioned earlier.

If you do everything right, you can comfortably choose a clarinet case from the ones mentioned in this article or other reputable ones in the marketplace.

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