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Best Beginner Accordions In 2024: A Buying Guide

Ok, I am glad you have finally decided to buy your first accordion.

Don’t worry, I know that it all looks very confusing to you now.

However, I hope that will no longer be the case by the end of this article.

Choosing the right accordion for you is an essential step that will hugely affect your learning experience.

Let’s get right to it and let me show you the best beginner accordions that may be right for you.

Best Accordions for Beginners In 2024

1. Hohner Accordion 3100FB Review

Are you on budget and would like to get a good quality accordion for your training sessions? Then you must check out the Hohner Accordion 3100FB.

You will not only smile at the price tag but also, this instrument will help you in every sense to perform all the crucial musical tasks you require to play right.

Also, the matte black appearance of this instrument is appealing, so you get to hold it with pride as you find your way around the keys.

Still, on the keys, the Hohner accordion is only available in the key of FBE, which is beginner-friendly.

The 9 pounds instrument also comes with 31 buttons, 12 bass buttons, a double strap brackets to ensure you acquire the much-needed training skills.

And if you do everything right, you get to transition to the advanced stages with ease.

And that’s not all. The package comes with extra straps and a method book to make your playing fun and comfortable.

You will, however, have to purchase the gig bag separately as it isn’t included in the package. But given the affordable pricing of this device, that shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Loud and clear sound
  • Affordable
  • Decent construction
  • Excellent for both individual and band rehearsals
  • No carrying case
  • Might be too noisy for some individuals

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2. Wal Front Beginner Accordion

Affordable and beautiful, isn’t a common combination, especially when it comes to musical instruments.

But that’s exactly what you will get when you purchase the beginner accordion from Wall Front.

It comes in color blue, so you can be sure no one will miss you out as you play for perfection.

The instrument is a perfect pick for beginners as it comes with 22 keys and an additional 8 bass keys.

And even if this accordion presents a plastic-like appearance at a glance, a keener eye will notice that it’s made out of maple wood, which guarantees you durability and reliability.

Plus, it’s corrosion-resistant.

Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that those frequent playing sessions won’t destroy your precious instrument.

Well, at least not before you acquire the necessary skills and decide to advance.

Another thing I like about the 7.59 pounds Wall front beginner accordion is the fact that it’s easy to play, having been ergonomically designed.

And it’s flexible as well, making it ideal for beginners and accordion students.

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Very affordable
  • Durable construction
  • Offers ease of play
  • Great sound
  • Portable
  • Small shoulder straps
  • No extra accessories

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3. Ammoon Concertina Accordion

What most individuals appreciate about the Ammoon Concertina Accordion is its impressive quality.

Also, if you love colors, then you will be spoilt for choice as there are various shades (blue, dark blue, green, and red) to select from.

I find this Anglo-style concertina accordion interesting, and it can be a good choice for on-budget beginners.

But that’s about it, and you will have to upgrade once you master all the curves.

No products found.

Therefore, you should have a savings plan in place for that.

The instrument is also easy to handle and use, emphasizing its suitability for learners. It weighs only 3.4 pounds.

When you receive your package, you will find the hand straps and a carrying bag. And if this isn’t value for money, then I don’t know what is.

  • Impressive quality at an affordable price
  • Clear and loud enough for beginners
  • Offers comfortability and ease of play
  • Comes in four color shades.
  • Reports on missing notes
  • Low-quality straps

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4. Bonetti Concertina Accordion

For beginners, the Bonetti Concertina Accordion is a great choice. It’s not only attractive but also crafted with simplicity.

The accordion contains 30 keys, which won’t be too difficult for a learner to master.

So once you purchase the 60 reeds, you can comfortably use it to learn all the crucial 3 octaves in peace.

And although the appearance might be simple, it doesn’t compromise the quality of this instrument.

It proudly displays a premium feel with its leather construction.

Also, the sound quality is good for beginner musicians, so if you want to use it for both your practices and gigs, you can confidently go ahead.

You also won’t have to purchase a carrying case separately as the package comes with a hard-sided case to ensure the safety of your device as you travel in between gigs, practices, and your home.

  • Hand-tuned in Italy
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Various color shades to choose from
  • Impressive sounds for beginners
  • The air button is positioned too far for some players to reach

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5. Hohner Compadre GCF Accordion

Here comes another Hohner instrument.

As always, this brand doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its wide range of beautifully crafted and affordable accordions.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that their Hohner Compadre GCF Accordion, makes its way into this top 7 best accordions for beginners list.

This instrument comes with 31 treble buttons, and 12 bass buttons, to guarantee learners ease of playability and flexibility.

It also has a celluloid fingerboard, which is gentle enough for starters.

According to most customer reviews I came across, the resonance of this instrument is impressive, something that has to do with its treble reeds.

And if you like unique instruments, then you will love this musical piece as it comes with a very wide and open grille, which isn’t common within its range of products.

You will be impressed by the ease of playability this accordion presents. And it even guarantees you a smooth performance.

And yes, it might be a bit expensive than other instruments within the same category, but it offers value for money. So, if you’re willing to spend, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, the package comes with a gig bag and straps.

  • Value for money
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Good volume and smooth buttons
  • Might feel a little bit smaller for tall people
  • Only one color

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6. Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion

If affordability and a touch of class are what you’re looking in your accordion purchase journey, then your search might abruptly come to an end when you see this Hohner Panther G/C/F 3 piece.

The instrument is gorgeously matte Black and comes only in the key of GCF.

And to ensure you have an easy time learning, the Hohner Accordions instrument proudly displays 31 buttons, with 12 bass buttons, and a double straps bracket.

You will also enjoy a 90-days warranty on manufacturer defects.

This device might not come with the carrying bag, just like the Hohner Accordion 3100FB.

Still, you will appreciate the straps, Hohner diatonic method book, and the cleaning cloth included in the package.

Given all these features, I find the pricing of this accordion quite favorable. So, if you’re serious about learning, and wouldn’t mind the 14 pounds weight, then go for it.

  • 90-days warranty on manufacturer defects
  • Comes with a redesigned panther grill.
  • Robust construction
  • Fun and easy to play
  • Value for money
  • Straps are a little short, but you can always adjust them.

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7. Trinity College AP-1230 Anglo-Style Concertina

For the beautiful design and durable construction that the Trinity College Concertina presents, it’s an ideal choice for beginners.

It has a comfortable feel, making it easy to play and learn.

At first glance, you will love its gorgeous walnut finish and the laminated endplates.

And as you explore some more, you will realize that its air-release button ensures your instrument is noiseless.

Also, on each side of this instrument, you will find an adjustable hand-strap.

And to ensure your device is safely kept, this package comes with a plush-lined, black nylon carrying bag, complete with an adjustable strap.

  • Durable and reliable
  • Adjustable hand-straps
  • Easy to play, clear tune
  • Light-weighted
  • Powerful
  • A little bit too stiff bellows
  • Might be a bit too small for some people
  • Not very responsive lower notes

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Types of Accordions

There are various types of accordion styles, but in this article, we are going to focus on the major two: the piano accordion and the chromatic button accordion.

Piano Accordion

These are the most popular types of accordions, especially in these modern times.

And as its name suggests, this type of instrument is made up of a treble keyboard, which contains piano keys.

Normally, the keys of the piano accordion range between two and four octaves, making it suitable for both beginner players and intermediates.

The Chromatic Button Accordion

This type of accordion is popularly found and used in parts of Russia and Eastern Europe at large. Here, they are commonly referred to as “Bayans,” and the locals enjoy every bit of their sounds.

Like the piano accordion, the chromatic button comes with a treble keyboard, but this time with five-button rows. And then, these rows are organized into a diagonal chromatic pattern.

Other types of accordion include the diatonic button accordion (see comparison with piano accordions), b-system, c-system, Bayan, squeezebox, and much more. We discuss them comprehensively in this article. 

How do I Choose an Accordion as a Beginner?

accordions for beginners guide

Since the current marketplace is made up of various types of accordions exhibiting different tuning systems, it’s recommended to be careful when picking your first-ever accordion.

You ask, “how?”

By applying the following useful tips:


You should first ensure that you know the type of accordion you want.

I have already gone through the two types of accordions and will be comprehensively covering them all in my next article, so forgive me if I don’t go into much detail here.

But to be fair, the most common types of accordions include the Piano, diatonic, chromatic, and a few others.

Remember, although Concertinas are pretty similar to accordions, they’re somehow different.

So, research on the various types I have mentioned and the ones I will cover later, and then decide which one you would like to begin with.

The best thing is that there is a lot of information out there, especially online, that you can use. You also get to benefit from various professional reviews, so no excuse here.


Like every other musical instrument, some accordions are easy to learn than others.

Most standard accordions have 22-45 treble keys, complete with around 185 bass keys. Therefore, beginners should start with an instrument with low number of keys before advancing as they gain better skills.

On the other hand, if you’re already advanced and would like an instrument with a lot of versatility, then you might want to go for a high number keys accordion. But they aren’t easy to play, so not recommended for learners.


Before purchasing any product and musical instrument for that matter, you must consider the price.

You should always have a budget in mind. This way, you won’t have to go through a massive list of accordions, but only those that fall within your price range.

But even as you do so, remember these musical instruments are pretty expensive, so don’t let the price tag surprise you. Instead, go shopping with an open mind.

Typically, a high-quality beginner accordion will cost you anything above $500.  However, a budget of $300-$500, can get you a decent instrument.


If you’re an adult and searching for an accordion, then you would want to get one that perfectly fits your hands.  And I guess that should be pretty easy since you can easily express yourself and have a set bar of preference.

But, if the beginner is a younger user/kid, then get a smaller one that will fit their little hands.

That’s why you will find many young players using the concertinas, as they’re smaller as compared to the standard accordion.

Remember, to get an instrument that’s of the right size. Not too small or too big. If it’s too small, you won’t be comfortable holding it, and you might even miss the fun part of it.

And if it’s too big, then you will experience difficulties reaching some keys.


Size and weight go hand in hand, so it’s almost impossible to separate the two. And although some small instruments aren’t necessarily light, they are most of the time

When it comes to the accordion, small devices tend to be light, while the bigger instruments are heavy.

So, you always want to find a balance between the two. The last thing you want is an instrument that will be tiresome playing for long or too heavy to transport for gigs.


The best gift you can ever award yourself as a beginner accordion player is investing in the best instrument.

Remember, the first device you get will determine how fast you learn and how much fun you have while at it.

The above list of the best accordions that are suitable for beginners is meant to point you in the right direction. And we hope it helps you take that first vital step into fulfilling your musical dream.

Also, through the useful tips on how to choose the correct instrument before finalizing that order.

Best of luck!

Lee Cardwell
Owner and Chief Editor of Music Tech Hub. I play banjo, mandolin and I am currently learning how to play the harmonica.

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