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Best Pocket Trumpets In 2024: Buyer’s Guide

Pocket trumpets have a small dimension that makes them a great option for marching bands and younger players.

Even though their sound can’t match that of their bigger counterparts, they can be a good choice for beginner trumpet players.

If you would like to get the best pocket trumpet, here are our top 10 choices.

After a lot of research, we created this list of top 10 pocket trumpets.

Best Pocket Trumpets Reviewed In 2024

1. Eastar ETR-330 Pocket Trumpet, Bb

If you are searching for a pocket trumpet that is easy to play, you should consider the Eastar ETR – 330N pocket trumpet.

The trumpet produces a beautiful sound. It comes with a sturdy interior and a well-made case that protects the trumpet.

The pocket trumpet also comes with a wide range of accessories such as trumpet, mouthpiece, valve oil, leaning clothes, and a hard case strap.

It is compact as its size is half that of the normal trumpet.

The nickel-plated trumpet is not only beautiful but will fit well in your suitcase. It’s a great choice for a beginner as well as intermediate players.

It is also easy to clean as ultrasonic waves help to clean the internal pipes.

  • Good size
  • Easy to clean
  • Good quality of sound
  • Easy to play
  • Affordable
  • Unsuitable for professional players

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2. Mendini MPT Brass Bb Pocket Trumpet

If you are searching for a funky little trumpet that also sounds like a professional trumpet, you should go for the Mendini MPT Brass Bb Pocket Trumpet.

It comes with a high-quality mouthpiece made of phosphorus copper lead.

It comes with other accessories which include a hardshell case to protect your instrument, a soft cleaning cloth, valve oil, and white gloves.

The valve can get a little sticky if it isn’t oiled regularly but this isn’t a major deal.

You can confidently buy the pocket instrument as it comes with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

What is even better is that you can turn your instrument into a flower pot by simply propping it upright.

With a few modifications, you will have a horn that offers you a decent amount of mechanical action.

  • Good quality sound
  • Tiny and compact design
  • Fairly-priced
  • Beautiful design
  • Poor valve action

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3. Prelude by Conn-Selmer PT711 Series Pocket Trumpet

If you are searching for a sturdily-made pocket trumpet that also has a great sound, you should consider the Prelude by Conn-Selmer PT711 Series Bp Pocket Trumpet PT711R Red.

The trumpet comes with a Bach 7C mouthpiece and steel pistons.

Despite measuring 10 inches, it produces a sound that is similar to the real trumpet.

It has a quiet and smooth valve action, ensuring that there is a non-turbulent and steady airflow.

It also comes with a hard case that is available in blue, silver or black color.

The pocket trumpet is a great choice for intermediate and professional players who need a great sound in a compact design.

The small design of the instrument makes it suitable for practice while on the go. It is, therefore, fun and practical instrument.

  • Produces a good sound
  • Suitable for advanced level players
  • Sturdily-made
  • Available in several different colors
  • Carrying case that enhances portability
  • Slightly expensive

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4. Stagg WS - TR245 Bb Pocket Trumpet

The Stagg WS-TR245 Bp Pocket trumpet with Case is an instrument that is made of a heavy gauge brass.

It has a stainless valve that functions well and crisply. The pocket trumpet comes in a hard case that is of good quality.

The trumpet has a great sound and is a great choice for traveling, as it the size of a shoebox.

While it is heavy, it fits well in a carry on or checked bag.

The lead pipe is a bit low making it a bit hard to operate with one hard. However, this isn’t a big challenge.

The Stagg WS-TR245 Bp Pocket Trumpet is a well made and beautiful piece.  It will enable you to do some practice while traveling.

It isn’t too expensive and neither is it cheaply-made.

  • Beautiful design
  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent playability
  • Great sound
  • Valve starts to stick after sometime

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5. Sky Band-Approved Brass Bb Pocket Trumpet

The Sky Band Approved Brass Bb Pocket Trumpet with Case, Cloth, Gloves, and Valve Oil, Guarantee Top Quality Sound is a beautiful and well-engineered pocket trumpet.

It has round tubing that ensures the smooth flow of air and less turbulence.

The body of the pocket trumpet is made of phosphorus copper, making it look like the professional trumpets.

It is reasonably well made and it’s small enough to fit in your suitcase.

Despite its reasonable price, it produces a good sound.

The pocket trumpet comes in a durable case with interiors that are lined with velvet. It is a great choice for beginners, intermediate, and professional players.

  • Compact
  • Non-sticky valves
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Good sound
  • Valve oil squirts faster

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6. Red Pocket Trumpet

If you would like to stir the musical interest of your kids, you should consider buying a musical instrument for them.

And since kids love shiny objects, you should pick one that is beautiful and fascinating.

One such instrument is the Red Pocket Trumpet which comes with a red-lacquered finish.

The pocket trumpet has a mouthpiece that is coated with nickel, smooth action valves, and comfortable keys.

It also comes with gloves and cleaning cloth. On top of that, it sounds almost like the real trumpet.

The Red Pocket Trumpet comes with quality tubing that produces a good sound and ensures that there is little or no turbulence.

Overall, this is a good buy, especially for kids.

  • Attractive design
  • Quality tubing
  • Solidly built
  • Wide range of accessories included
  • Valves are improperly installed

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7. Nasir Ali PoTr-05, Pocket Trumpet, Bb

The Nasir Ali P Tr-05, Pocket Trumpet, Bb, Bronze is a great pocket trumpet that comes at an affordable price.

The trumpet is a good choice for beginner and medium level players who aren’t yet ready to upgrade to the professional trumpet.

The trumpet comes with a beautiful bronze finish providing it with a vintage look.

It also has a mouth pipe that is made of lead, three valves, and comfortable buttons that are also easy to reach.

It also comes with a carry bag for added portability.

The Nasir Ali P Tr-05, Pocket Trumpet, Bb, Bronze plays smoothly and is definitely worth the money.

  • Well made
  • Portable
  • Good sound quality
  • Warranty period of 30 days
  • Not a good choice for professional players.

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8. Crystalcello WD480 B Flat Pocket Trumpet

The Crystalcello WD480 B Flat Lacquer Plated Pocket Trumpet with Carrying Case is a pocket trumpet that weighs less than 4 pounds making it a good choice for students.

The lacquer-plated trumpet has a nickel mouthpiece and produces a good sound.

Unlike some other pocket trumpets, there are no sticky valves on this pocket trumpet. It comes with a velvet-lined hard case.

Some of the accessories that come with the instrument include valve oil, gloves, and a soft cloth for cleaning.

The trumpet has been made with beginners in mind. It is perfectly fine for a pocket trumpet.

  • Sturdily-made
  • Beautiful design
  • Great sound
  • No sticky pistons
  • Unsuitable for professionals

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9. Queen Brass Pocket Trumpet

If you are searching for a pocket trumpet with excellent sound and perfectly working keys, you should choose the Queen Brass Pocket Trumpet Chrome Finish B-Flat W/Case + Mp Silver.

The trumpet comes in just but the right size, making it easy to carry around.

The pocket trumpet comes with a mouthpiece and a hard case.

The mouth pipe is made of phosphorous copper, making it durable.

The pocket trumpet comes with a warranty period of 30 days against manufacturer defects. Overall, this is a good buy.

  • Portable
  • Smooth
  • Good quality sound
  • A bit hard to clean as a green tarnish builds up inside

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10. Roy Benson RBPT101G Bb Pocket Trumpet

Unlike the pocket trumpets from other brands that come in a wide range of colors, the Roy Benson RBT101GBb Pocket Trumpet comes in a unique and distinctive Blue color.

This makes you stand out when playing. Besides, it has a loud and bright sound.

The pipe cutting and fitting ensure that the chances of air leakages are low.

The trumpet comes with high-quality pistons making it smooth while pressing.

The pocket trumpet is lightweight. It comes with a zipper bag for added portability.

The pocket piston costs more than its counterparts due to the high-quality materials used to make it.

  • Produces a clear and loud sound
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Portable
  • Price is on the higher side

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What Is A Pocket Trumpet?

A pocket trumpet is a small-sized trumpet that has a playing range that is similar to the professional trumpet.

However, it has a bell that contains a smaller diameter than the standard trumpet.

This trumpet is considered a novelty and you will not find it on orchestra brass or concert bands.

This trumpet is at times also referred to as a piccolo trumpet, although there is a small difference between the two.

The pocket trumpets have small bell dimensions and smaller tubing and, therefore, contain a higher timbre.

Many people love their small statures and they are now popular with the hobbyists and younger players.

Are Pocket Trumpets Easy to Play?

To play a pocket trumpet, the player often presses and releases three valves that allow him or her to produce different notes.

When they blow into the instrument, the air is directed by the valves in small pieces of tubing that produces an extra note.

It takes a bit of skill to play the instrument. You will need to learn how to blow into it.

You should purse the lips tightly and allow them to vibrate while blowing.

You will also need to move your tongue while blowing, making it a hard skill to master.

Things to Consider When Buying A Pocket Trumpet

There are several factors you need to consider when buying a pocket trumpet. These are:


Your goal will be to get the most affordable pocket trumpet but with the best features.

With the wide range of pocket trumpets available today, it is always possible to get one that meets your budget.

However, it is important to do your research to ensure that you get value for your money.

This is because the cheapest ones may be cheaply-made.

But on the other hand, the most expensive ones aren’t necessarily the sturdiest. This is why good research is what will save your day.


The only reason why you are searching for a pocket trumpet is that you want it to produce good music.

Therefore, there is no need to acquire one if it will produce a horrible sound.

The quality of sound produced by a pocket trumpet will often depend on trumpet construction, quality of materials used, and projections.

The top pocket trumpets should allow you to change your musical tone pitch to match the related one.

The bell and piping should provide a bright sound and a wide range of pitch.

Quality of Construction

When you choose a sturdily-made pocket trumpet, you can be assured that you will use it for a long time.

To identify a well-made trumpet, you will need to look at the quality of materials used. Confirm the instrument grade and how the different parts function together as you play.

Technical Function

A good trumpet will produce good sound and will play smoothly in different components.  You should easily and smoothly press the valves without jamming.

Weight and Size

In most cases, you will need a portable pocket trumpet that you can easily carry around and is easy to play while on the move.

This is why a small-sized and lightweight pocket trumpet is always a good choice.

Personal Need

You will want to buy a pocket trumpet that meets your needs. If you are a beginner player, you will definitely need a trumpet that meets your skills level.

The majority of professional level trumpets have a sturdy construction and high-quality features, ensuring great performance.

If you need a trumpet for your kid, you will want to choose something that will impress them.

This is why you should pick a trumpet that comes with a beautiful design and brilliant colors

Best Pocket Trumpet Brands

There are several pocket brands in the market today.


Stagg is a brand that was established in 1995 And is reputed for manufacturing instruments that are reliable and versatile.

They manufacture pocket trumpets made of brass. Their instruments have good sound and are compact.


Another leading brand is Cecilio whose instruments are affordable, making them a great choice for students and beginners.

However, they have high-quality products and the manufacturers suggest that all their instruments are tested twice before shipping. Many course instructors and teachers approve their instruments.

Carol Brass

Carol Brass is a brand that is considered to be on the high-end spectrum of the food chain. As their name suggests, all their instruments are made of brass.

Their products are popular with many as they are reliable and offer value for money.

Their pocket trumpets are versatile and have a great sound as they use a 4.7-inch bell.

You can actually play them like professional trumpets due to their excellent sound.

The company has over 30 years of experience and all their instruments are perfectly made even when they are meant for beginners or kids.


Merano is a brand that focuses on providing value and good quality to its customers.

The company was established in 2000 and focuses on making instruments that meet the customer’s needs.

The manufacturer suggests that all their instruments are hand-made and are meant to meet the highest quality standards at a low price.

Their instruments come with a wide range of accessories allowing you to play immediately after unboxing, oiling, and tuning them.


Kanstul is another band that has incorporated fine mechanisms in their brands.

Their products are reliable, versatile and produce high-quality sound. The brand also comes in a compact design with a 4.5 inches bell.

FAQs on Best Pocket Trumpets

Are Pocket Trumpets Any Good?

While performing musicians rarely use pocket trumpets, they are a great choice for practicing and beginner players as they are cheap, portable, and produces a sound that is similar to the real-life trumpet.

Therefore, pocket trumpets are a great choice for beginners and children who would like to learn how to play an instrument.

How Do You Hold A Pocket Trumpet?

It may take a bit of time before you get used to a pocket trumpet. Whether you are left or right-handed, you will hold a pocket trumpet in the same way.

You should press the mouthpiece against the lips with the left hand placed at the vertical valve’s center.

Your right hand should sit above the three buttons while the ring finger and index finger should play the instrument.

To view more, check this Youtube video;

What’s the Difference Between A Piccolo Trumpet and A Pocket Trumpet?

As compared to a pocket trumpet, a piccolo trumpet is usually smaller and has less tubing, making it a pitched trumpet (an octave higher).

The piccolo trumpets are keyed using A and Bb providing more flexibility in terms of orchestral settings.

The tube length of a pocket trumpet is the same length as the professional trumpet, even though it is smaller in size.

How Much Should A Pocket Trumpet Cost?

With the wide range of pocket trumpet brands available in the market today, it means you can always find one that meets your budget.

The price of the pocket trumpets starts as low as $100 and goes all the ways to as high as $5000, for a professional-grade instrument.

It is worth noting that pocket trumpets that cost $100 may not be very reliable and may be poorly made.

If you need a cost-effective but quality trumpet, you should be ready to spend anything between $400 and $500.

Products in this price range are usually well built and will produce the same sound like the professional trumpets.


Many musical instrument players consider the pocket trumpet to be a simple innovation that looks like a toy.

However, they are a simple version of the professional trumpets. They are also compact, portable, and with a wide range of accessories.

But if you will benefit from your pocket trumpet, you will need to make the right choice.

You can pick one from the list above and you will be in a better position to hone your trumpet playing skills.

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